Papi Osteria Cafeteria

In the small square next to the main Eleftherias Square, in front of the Legacy hotel, the Italian restaurant Papi Osteria Caffeteria is the latest all day hot spot in town.

It stands out for its culinary proposals, and the uniquely selected cocktails and musical selections as well as for its romantic ambience and Italian finesse.

A new cozy hangout, ideal for casual meetings with friends or your romantic dinner.

Coffee & Breakfast

Excellent starting point for a day full of energy, offering delicious breakfast and rich brunch menu. Everything one could wish for, is here! The best Italian coffee variety, freshly squeezed juices, homemade baguettes, super bowls and delicious omelets.

Start your day on a relaxing flower print sofa with colorful cushions, best music playlist, and flower setup!

Dinner & Drinks

Fine Italian flavors combined with enthusiasm by Chef Yiannis Cornaros.

Menu is inspired by the popular osterias that invite everyone to new taste experiences and surprise those who pass by Eleftherias Square, with special ‘dishes of the day’.

Fresh pasta give another dimension to classic recipes. Pizza, Cotoleta and Spaghetti are made with pure Italian finesse.

Wine & cocktail lists are the ideal combination to every menu choice, enhancing each taste. Wine, Dine & Relax! The epilogue is written with espresso, creamy light Tiramisu and fragrant lemon pie..but you could simply continue with "Early Drinks", aperitivo and signature cocktails combined with great music and good company.